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ATTENTION:  Registered participants of the 10-08-16 Concealed Carry Class...........

Due to the high risks associated with winds 20-25 mph, gusting to 35 mph and the chance of up to 4" of rainfall here in Central NC this weekend, the NC Concealed Carry Class that was scheduled for 10-08-16 has been postponed.  Your safety, on the road as well as at our outdoor pistol range, is the major factor in this class postponement.  Registered students have four options:

​: Apply your deposit and registration to the Oct 22, 2016 class.​
Apply your deposit and registration to the 
​Nov 12
, 2016 class.​
Apply your deposit and registration to the 
​Dec 10​
, 2016 class.​
4: Cancel your registration for class and receive a full refund of your paid deposit. (With apologies)

Please E-Mail me your option choice to ConcealedCarolina@gmail.com

Carolina Concealment & Defense is located in Nash County, NC.  Dedicated to safely training the public on firearm use and ownership, Carolina Concealment & Defense sets you up for successful firearm ownership through knowledge and experience. 


Explore our website to learn about our NRA Certified Firearms Instructor,  (Charles R. "Charlie" Mayo), Our NRA classes, and our NC concealed handgun permit classes. 

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