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Certified Firearms Instructor: NRA/NCJA
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NC Concealed Handgun Permit Class 

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These students from our Jan 21, 2017 class are taking the Legal test regarding the use of deadly force.
NC Concealed Handgun Permit Class
Course Outline:
•Legal Issues Regarding Concealed Carry and the use of Deadly Force
•Handgun Safety
•Marksmanship Fundamentals
•Carrying Concealed Safety Issues
•Presentation (Drawing) Techniques
•Cleaning / Maintenance
•Proficiency Drills
•Range Qualification
•Written Exam
Cost: $120 per student, a $60 deposit is required to reserve the student's seat.  Click Here to pay your deposit now via PayPal. The $60 balance is due the day of class PRIOR to the session. 
            Classes consist of both classroom and practical portions.  The classroom sessions last at least a total of 8 hours in addition to the practical (shooting qualification) portion.  Please refer to the class schedule for exact times, dates, and places.
NOTE: If you do not have a Semi-Automatic Pistol or a  Double-Action Revolver, handguns of various types are available for rent for an additional $75 fee.

            (Single-Action Revolvers are NOT an appropriate handgun for this class)
A note about our "Concealed Carry" class: 
"This class is an all-day class (8:00 AM - ~5:30PM) that covers topics that are required by the State of NC to get your class certification.  Beware of "shortened" or "condensed" Concealed Carry classes.  Those classes not only jeopardize the certification of the class instructors, but also the concealed carry permits of ALL of their students.  The State of NC mandates that specific topics are covered for a specific length of time.  The class curriculum that is offered by Carolina Concealment & Defense is approved by the NC Justice Academy / NC Department of Justice.
Concealed Carry is serious business.......... sometimes life and death.   Don't short-change yourself and the lives of those you may need to protect by enrolling in a discounted, shortened conceal carry class. 
If you're looking for an informative and empowering class on concealed carry, you've come to the right place.  I look forward to seeing you in class and on the firing line!  Carry on."
-Charlie Mayo-
Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA NCJA