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Resources on the Internet for Concealed Handgun Permittees

This resource was added to our website at the suggestion of Daniel, a Boy Scout working on a merit badge as well as team building projects and research.

Thanks, Daniel, for the suggestion!  I am glad to post this link. Click on the title "Airsoft gun safety tips for kids" above for detailed safety tips.

Also remember the 4 rules of firearm safety:

1: Treat all firearms as if they're loaded.... and have it verified by another person if possible.

2. Keep your finger off of the trigger until you're on target.

3. Keep the muzzle aimed in a safe direction at all times.

4. Be mindful of your backstop and what is around the target.

Daniel, I encourage you and all other Scouts to stay in scouting and earn your Eagle.  (I did and that was 44 years ago.  I'll always be an Eagle Scout.  That achievement tells others that you know how to complete tasks thoroughly with high quality results.)   -C.R.Mayo-